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Spider Control in Queens, NY

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Spiders have a reputation for being a scary and harmful insect, which is why frequently finding spiders in your home can be a disturbing experience that can disrupt your day-to-day life. Chuck's Pest Control offers spider extermination in Queens, NY, for the interior and exterior of homes. We specialize in spider control for all species including spider crickets.

Spider Control

Most spiders are harmless and will usually only bite humans when they feel threatened. Spiders outside your home may actually be beneficial because they'll eliminate other insects, which prevents other infestations; however, ridding them of your home helps keep your peace of mind. Having a pest-free home ensures that you won't come across any unwanted visitors unexpectedly. If you prolong extermination, one spider will only lead to more, especially if it reproduces.

Spider Removal

Our knowledgeable technicians will inspect your house and determine the type of spiders that are infesting your home. Dangerous spiders such as black widow or brown recluse spiders need to be carefully and specially handled. We'll inspect wall cracks and crevices as well as window and door gaps where spiders are likely to enter. We'll apply pest-control treatment to eliminate spiders and fix spots that aid their entry into your home.

Prevention tips include:

  • Cleaning your house
  • Removing spiderwebs
  • Eliminating clutter where the insects can hide
  • Lessening outdoor lighting that attracts the insect
Spider in Queens, NY

Call Chuck's Pest Control in Queens today! We provide spider control in the surrounding areas of Brooklyn, Park Slope, Valley Stream, Oceanside, Hempstead, Garden City, Levittown, Long Beach and Hicksville, New York.